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Information Very useful function which allows user to swap all selected shapes with one Master-shape. How it works

Set size

Information This function set size of all selected objects as user specified in parameters. It can be width or height of all shapes. As source can be taken maximum or minimum size. How it works

Search shapes

Information Set master-shape and you can find any shape with same fill/outline/size. Or you can find any shape inside master-shape. How it works Automation. You can automate searching process. Use this Visual Basic code to search shapes without need to show main search panel. This is example for CorelDRAW X6 32 bit. If you have Read more about Search shapes[…]

Align and Distribute

This function has many features of aligning and distributing objects. This is set of functions that allow user to align objects . Also has some distribute features, that allow to distribute objects with specified distance . How it works

Finger joint shape

Information   Absolutely new function and available only in eCut 6! What is it for? This function was created to make face and edge for shapes with finger joint method. It is very easy and will be useful to work with plywood, PVC and other materials.   Options Material width – width of your material Depth – Read more about Finger joint shape[…]

Finger joint box

Information Absolutely new function and available only in eCut 6! Little and useful function for creation boxes with finger joint edge connection. All you have to is specify box, joint and material sizes. CNC tool diameter compensation If you use CNC milling machine – you have to compensate its tool diameter to fit all edges Read more about Finger joint box[…]

Route optimizer

Information Absolutely new function and available only in eCut 6! As can be seen from the description of the function is designed to optimize the tool path for CNC / laser / cutter. It is based on “greedy” algorithm, but in spite of its non ideality, the presence of additional features covers all of its Read more about Route optimizer[…]

Hotwire cutting

Information This function is used to construct a single path for cutting foam (and similar materials) on specialized machines with hot wire. There are two methods – manual and semi-automatic. In manual mode, you need to allocate nodes on neighboring paths and eCut will connect them. Semi-automatic mode faster, enough to select first path (from Read more about Hotwire cutting[…]

Reference scale

Information This feature was created for 3D puzzles designers. It can help to recalculate one material width to another. For example, if you have shapes for 3mm PVC and you want to scale your shapes for 5mm PVC – enter this numbers and you’ll get new size of your shapes that will fit 5mm PVC.

Create bridges

Information Very simple feature that allows you to create little bridges along curves. It has manual and automatic modes. Very useful for 3D puzzles designers. How it works

DXF Export

Information A new and quite powerful feature. Allows you to export objects using a different set of commands, such as the standard set of DXF (R11, R12) as well as the classic HPGL with the addition of arcs (AR – command) Some words about main parameters: Commands – set of commands in which to export objects Read more about DXF Export[…]

CAD functions

Common information Here are collected most useful functions for CAD modeling. Tools Curves editor Nodes editor Isomitric Pick angle Mirror Break apart Force fillet Fillet curve Hotwire cutting Route optimizer Finger joint box Finger joint shape Create dimensions Sendwich group Flange Change curve direction Cut from curve Break to equal parts Delete segment Export segment Read more about CAD functions[…]

Reduce nodes

Information Use this function to simplify curves. How it works

fillet curves

Information Use this function to fillet curve or node. There is 5 methods how to fillet curve – select one You need. Use ‘force’ options when there are many nodes in corners… But be careful – there can be errors in some cases.. This feature is also available from CAD functions window. How it works

Connect opened paths

Information Use this function to link opened curves. Very useful to fix importing errors from CAD software. Before processing you have to combine paths into one curve. How it works

Make center line

Information The main task of this function is making central line of selected object. eCut has two methods of making central line. Each result you can see further… How it works

Slice object

Information   New SLICE function allows user to slice objects, three methods are available: 1. simple grid 2. slice using gidelines 3. manual mode (set overlap < 0 to have slot in shape) How it works  

Create carrier (boundbox)

Information Use this function to create bound box for each selected shapes with specified gap. And can remove overlaps How it works

Clever divide

Information This function divide curve to subcurves, but inside lines stays with outsides for each separate curve. Very useful function to divide curve and nest it for CNC. Warning! Curves must have no self-intersections. How it works

Create SignBox

Information Function for creating signboxes from composite panels. Many methods of signbox creation Additional features

Create Draft

Information Very useful function. Allow to create schema of selected objects on A4 paper. Also can show size and scale. One or two images can be placed at same page.

Create grid

Information Little function to create grid, that can be cutted on plotter or CNC. How it works

Create lines

Information Simple function that create lines. There is 3 methods: Snake Grid lines How it works

Vector Effects

Information Now eCut has vector effects function, and all objects after process will be ready for cutting!!! Circle fill Puzzle Shadow on the wall Shadow on the floor Extrude Contour Clever trim Slice Corners Random copy Fit along path


Information Very easy, simple and powerful eyelets creator.

Edge roll

Information Use this function to create edge roll. Main usage is to create stencil for ALS or similar. Edge roll w/wo material thickness. Edge roll with flange. Edge roll with notches. This feature will help you to save time when producing channel letters. This method create notches on edge in bending points. Then you have Read more about Edge roll[…]


Information Absolutely new function and available only in eCut 6! Main task is to copy template and replace its parts with text, images, QR codes, Bar codes or URLs. All variables can be taken from database. And database can be imported from Excel file. Function is very adaptive and can make many tasks. All main Read more about Variable[…]


Information This function was created to project NEON signs. It has many features to simplify creation process. New UI makes this process more easy. How it works Neon Contour neon Neon fill Filleting curves Break tube Create support Break all tubes Create supports Dark segment Connect tubes Create doubleback Convert tubes to curves Search be Read more about Neon[…]


Information This function was created to project signs with LEDs. It is very powerful and has many tools to create good signs. And preview window allows you to see result before creating real diodes in document. Filter and placing features Main window consist of two areas: filter and tool. Filter allows you to find any Read more about LEDs[…]

Volume calculator

Information eCut6 only! What is it for? Little and useful feature to calculate volume/mass/cost of shape made from sheet materials. No need to describe it – it is simple. Select shape and you’ll find out how much does that shape weigh or costs. Material density editor

Time Calculator

Information This feature allows you to find out how much time you need to process selected objects on plotter/cutter (or even CNC) . Another words – it calculates machine time This function has two window types: compact, here you can see only result time and can calculate cost. And extended type: here you can specify coefficients to get Read more about Time Calculator[…]


Information This function lets you to calculate cost of selection. Parameters In the new function, you can create more informative materials and services. When calculating, the plugin will look for the correspondence of the fill or outline to one of the materials / services by color. Thus, there is no need to select the material Read more about Cost[…]


Information This function calculate the area of selected objects without overlaps. But if Your objects has overlaps, then You have to use ‘Bitmap area’ value. “Update” button allows you to re-calculate values. How it works.


Information Use this function to calculate perimeter of selected objects. Also you can calculate cost. Very useful “Update” button. How it works

Create cropmarks

Information This useful function can create cropmarks, there are three types of cropmarks: Standard Roland Mimaki (Suma) How it works

Contour cutting file

Information Updated, this function becomes more friendly to user. It can create files for contour cutting: for print and for cut. On main tab you can specify block size and main placing parameters. Also you can simply fill your material with stickers. In additional tab you can specify cropmarks type. There are two types of Read more about Contour cutting file[…]

Remove duplicated edges

Information This function delete duplicated edges – very useful for CNC machines How it works

Find intersections

Information Use this function to find intersections of curves. How it works

Separate curve

Information Use this function to separate very long shapes. Very useful when you cut very complex shapes no cutters. How it works

Weeding lines

Information The given option is especially useful at “cutting” the fine text, reducing to a minimum number of the “taken off” elements. The principle of action is based on creation of auxiliary lines (red color), which connect external contours of two next objects. Thus, at “cleaning” a film all points and commas will remain on Read more about Weeding lines[…]

Cut/Plot + contour cutting

Information. Contour cutting: how it works. Working with cutter, many people face a problem of a choice of the software. Any separately taken software has both lacks and advantages. One of the most important inconveniences is that all these software are separate programs! That means, there is a necessity for importation of the information to Read more about Cut/Plot + contour cutting[…]


Information Use this function to make copies of selected object. You can specify quantity of copies, or area to fill with the object! Also You can specify distance between copies and draw crosses. How it works

Rectangle nesting

Information This additional rectangle nesting feature can nest any objects (even images). Main advantage of this function is that minimum distance can be set to zero. But you must remember, that this function approximate all shapes as rectangles! Any complex shape will be simple rectangle inside this function. Parameters Sheet width and height – size of material. Read more about Rectangle nesting[…]

Complex shapes nesting

One of the main functions of ecut. It alows you nest objects in few seconds for CNC or plotter cutter. Information This is very powerful function helps You to prepare object for plotter or CNC machine! In few seconds Nesting function can allocate selected objects on specified sheet. In new version You can see result Read more about Complex shapes nesting[…]