Finger joint shape



Absolutely new function and available only in eCut 6!

What is it for?

This function was created to make face and edge for shapes with finger joint method. It is very easy and will be useful to work with plywood, PVC and other materials.



Material width – width of your material
Depth – depth of future product
Add lock to depth – add fingers to each edge
Create slots – create slots for laser cutting for plywood
Maximum and minimum finger – finger size that you want to have
Bending compensation – compensation for different types of material
Min angle to process – how to process edges
Do not change order – for better result, plugin can process each letter separately
Process corners – you can let plugin to move fingers from bad corners (red – no processing, green – processed)

What you need to work with it.

It will be useful if you have laser cutter and plywood, but you also can use it with other materials and CNC.


See how it can look like.

Also, using this function, you can create book from plywood

See how to do it in YouTube

If you have any suggestion – contact me and we can discuss.