Cut/Plot + contour cutting


Contour cutting: how it works.

Working with cutter, many people face a problem of a choice of the software. Any separately taken software has both lacks and advantages. One of the most important inconveniences is that all these software are separate programs!
That means, there is a necessity for importation of the information to other program! eCUT is relieved Of this lack, as a matter of fact is part CorelDraw.
Cutting over driver in some cases leads to bad quality of curves, especially on long blocks. eCUT corrects this mistake too. Because module prepares a file independently. Also there are a lot of algorithms in eCUT, that makes curve look more smooth, can change first point of curve, sort curves, emulate OFFSET and etc…

In common case eCut connect to plotter through plotter drive, but if You have COM-port connection, then You can use eCom.exe (about using eCom read in FAQ page).
ATTENTION! If You Use Chinese cutter (nonOFFSET) there can be problems in use plotter driver (cutter can stop in wrong places or cut wrong lines). In these cases use eCOM. eCOM writes files directly to cutter port, without plotter driver (works only with COM ports).


Main window

Here You can select plotter from list of installed on Your PC.
And also not allow eCUT print directly to plotter, but save job in file. (“Print to file”). In this case eCUT will create file c:\eCut\temp\temp.plt

You can create profile for each plotter You have, or some profiles for one plotter and use them as You wish.

You can specify value and roll down it on plotter, and after that make plotter to come back to origin.

Position and Layout


Here You can specify offset point.

Color tab


Allow to sort (or not) objects before output (bottom-up).
Also You can use optimal sort – it decrease time in some cases.

First point.
You can specify hoe eCUT will change first point (or will not). In common case better to use “by angle” with value “0”, but if You cut big object You can select “by distance” – it will decrease time.

Allow to overcut on specified value.

Check media before Cut
Allow to check block dimensions before Cut.

Draw dots
Allow draw dots in block dimensions when checking media.

Allow to park carriage in upper point (+value) of block.

Mark plotted
Mark plotted object after cutting.

Contour cutting

Allow you to cut over printed images using Roland GX/GR cutters.
If you generate files for print/cut using eCut, then delete lines near black circles in file before cutting.
In corners you must have only black circles.

Plotter parameters

Blade parameters
ATTENTION!!! Change this values only if your plotter does not have hardware-controlled offset!

HPGL comands

HPGL comands
Fill this data only if You know commands of Your plotter

Manufacturer list

in general case use HPGL, but if Your plotter is in list – then use it.

How it works.