CAD functions

Common information

Here are collected most useful functions for CAD modeling.


Curves editor

Nodes editor


You can built CAD function in your macro using this manual. Or you can add any CAD function to toolbar or assign Hotkey
If you have a need to integrate CAD function in your macro, it’s easy enough to do – there is a separate procedure. Initialize it and you’ll be able use any CAD function without need to start main CAD window.
Below I’ll show an example and list of parameters for this function. Example is for CorelDRAW X7 32bit, for any other version just change the name of the library:

Private Declare PtrSafe Function eCutPro Lib “c:\eCut\eCut6\DLL\eCut17r6.dll” Alias “eCutR6Pro” (ByVal f As Integer, ByVal f2 As Integer) As Integer
‘eCut Function launcher with parameters
Public Sub FLauncher()
eCutPro 42, 1
End Sub

42 – CAD number
1 – CAD function from this list:

00 – Cut from curve, 01 – Break to parts, 02 – Delete segment, 03 – Extract segment, 04 – Duplicate path, 05 – Delete path, 06 – Extract path, 07 – Show holes, 08 – Two points info, 09 – Tangent, 10 – Perpendicular, 11 – Bisector, 12 – Connect two points, 13 – Move point, 14 – Iso left, 15 – Iso top, 16 – Iso right, 17 – Pick angle, 18 – Mirror, 19 – Break apart, 20 – Force fillet, 21 – Enroute fillet, 22 – Node extension, 23 – HotWire cutter, 24 – Make first point, 25 – Change curve direction, 26 – Route optimizer, 27 – FingerJoint box, 28 – FingerJoint shape, 29 – Create dimentions, 30 – Volume calculator, 31 – Sandwich group



Pick angle


Break apart

Force fillet

Create dimensions


Sendwich group

Very useful when you have many plates that ungrouped and you need to group each plate separately.


Create flange for leather production.

Curves editor

Change curve direction

Cut from curve

Break to equal parts

Delete segment

Export segment

Duplicate path

Delete path

Export path

Show holes

Change curve direction

Nodes editor

Node extension

Set first node

Two points information

Create tangent

Create perpendicular

Create bisector

Connect two points

Move point