Edge roll


Use this function to create edge roll.
Main usage is to create stencil for ALS or similar.

Edge roll w/wo material thickness.

Edge roll with flange.

Edge roll with notches.

This feature will help you to save time when producing channel letters. This method create notches on edge in bending points. Then you have to heat this nothces and bend edge along face of letter. It looks very nice when edge is made from one peace

After cutting and milling, process of producing channel letter becomes easier

Read more information about how to use this feature on this page:
How to create edge roll with notches.


Here you can see little instructions and most useful features that used with this function.
Note: if you use material thickness or flange feature – eCut will ignore curve direction: all outside paths (blue) will have clockwise direction, and all inner paths (red) will have counterclockwise direction.